Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Prog Epics of 2017

Here are my current reckonings for the best prog "epics" (songs with a length of over nine minutes) for the year. (Songs in bold black belong, in my humble opinion, in the Olympian Valhalla of prog's all-time great masterpieces.)

The Best of 2017:
1. "Pigeons in Space" - TREE TOPS
2. "Das Trinklied vom Jammer der Erde" - WESERBERGLAND
3. "Tanzen und Springen" - WESERBERGLAND
4. "Die Kunst der Fuge Testtest" - WESERBERGLAND

"Rules of the Desert" - CAST
"Awakenings" - KANT FREUD KAFKA
"Fell" - KNALL
"Drugs" - TREE TOPS
"Third War Three" KUNGENS MÄNS
"Sopio de vida" - NEXUS
"Mystical Mountain" - MAGIC BUS
"A Scarred View" - WHITE WILLOW
"Return to Ommadawn, Pt. I" - MIKE OLDFIELD
"Return to Ommadawn, Pt. II" - MIKE OLDFIELD
"Raubkatze" - KNALL
"Details" - CAST
"Mechanoya" -KSHETTRA
"Hope Against Hope" - THINKING PLAGUE
"És quan dormo que" - KANT FREUD KAFKA
"The Falling Veil" - ELDER
"Stranger in a Strange Land" - EMERALD DAWN

"Musique Noir" - EMERALD DAWN

"Pendulum" - PERIDONI
"Periscope" - GENETICS
"A Dirge for the Unwitting" - THINKING PLAGUE
"Walk Under the Moon" - KSHETTRA
"Catwalk" - KNALL
"Sightseeing" - KNALL
"Seaweed" - KNALL
"Lachs" - KNALL
"Let It Go" - SHED

Close but just a little too short:
"Vida y muerte" - KANT FREUD KAFKA
"As We Agreed" - UNAKA PRONG
"Lichtbündel" - SULA BASSANA

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