Sunday, April 14, 2013

Why Disintegration?

Why is The Cure's 1989 release Disintegration my eighth favorite album of all-time?

The bass lines. Simon Gallup's bass playing on this album are second only to COCTEAU TWINS' Simon Raymonde as my favorite style and sound of bass play.

The beats. Boris Williams has an approach to creating unusual rhythm patterns similar to one of my other favorite drum stylists, Steve Jansen.

The guitars. Such rich, deep effects. The guitars can be in the background wash or right up front, they are all superb.

The keyboards. Dated but used so effectively. Roger O'Donnell is, in my hymble opinion, such an improvement over Lol Tolhurst.

The voice. Robert Smith. Is there anything else to say? There is only one Robert Smith, despite his common first and last names.

The moods conveyed. I don't know about the depressing, cynical feelings everyone seems to conjure up with regards to Goth God Robert Smith's lyrics and messages, but I am absolutely geeked and pacified by the music on Disintegration.

The song structures and styles. Long songs that let the grooves and Robert's emotions dig deep under your skin, wormhole into your mind.

"Last Dance." An intensely emotional ride with some great guitar, bass and drum riffs. Love the keyboard's orchestra hits. One of my favorite Robert Smith lyrics and vocals. (10/10)

"Fascination Street." One of the most fun songs to play--live or air band. Love that bass line! Love the extended EP versions as much, maybe more. (10/10)

"Same Deep Water As You." A murky aquatic journey into the blissful psychedelia of an opium den. Another awesome, emotional vocal; another smooth rolling bass line. Great background synths. (10/10)

"Disintegration." A powerful ride to the end. (10/10)

"Homesick" is kind of a beginner's attempt at KING CRIMSON's "Discipline" with different instruments doing their different melody lines, chord progressions, and rhythms, yet blending into one amazingly beautiful weave. Kind of a slowed down "Last Dance." Love the guitar sounds, piano, and almost conversational vocal delivery. (9/10)

"Prayers for Rain." An almost-raunchy rock'n'roll song from the Goth Gods. Love the toy piano and other dated keys. Cool effects on the vocals. (9/10)

"Lovesong." A pretty, catchy tune in the vein of The Beatles and XTC. Cool guitar sound. (8/10)

"Lullaby." Another pretty though more unusual, even bizarre, song harking a little back to older Cure music. Love the whispered vocal. Spider-Man! (8/10)

Many a listen on the Polks with my brothers to this one.

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