Thursday, July 7, 2022

Favorite Drummers

I am by no means an expert on drums and drummers. By brother was a drummer in our band, so I know a little about equipment and recording techniques. But I know what I like: I like space; I like syncopation and odd time signatures; I like the unusual--perhaps even more than the extraordinary.

     These are some of my favorites--the ones who always attract my attention when I'm listening to songs they're in. They are in some semblance of order.


Steve Jansen

Bill Bruford

John Bonham

Giulio Capiozzo

Phil Collins

Lenny White

Billy Cobham

Trilok Gurtu

Tony Williams

Christian Vander

Michael Shrieve

Steve Smith

Narada Michael Walden

Bruno Castelucci

Since the "Renaissance" of Prog in the 1990s, there have been several drummers that catch my ear every time I hear them. Again, they are in order of my admiration.


Richard "Nuxflux" Nettermalm

Mark Heron

Shanti Colucci

Jon Theodore

Thomas Pridgeon

John Hargett

Kashukura Takashi

Philippe Hexaire

Martin Axenrodt

Danny Carey

Mike Portnoy

I do not know metal music very well (it has never been my favorite kind of music), but I've asked for help in getting to know the "who, what, where, and why" of Prog Metal drummers. so far, this is the list of drummers whose skills and performances interest me the most. 


Kenny Groholski

Baard Kolstad

John Longstreath

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