Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Overlooked Albums from the 2010s that Should Be Heard!

Funin Unsound - the amazing Björk-like voice of Elizabeth Marit Svensboe with quirky yet masterful electro-percussion.

Brother Ape A Rare Moment of Insight - amazing energy, maturity, and subtle virtuosity on display throughout this wonderful album


iamthemorning- classical, folk, jazz, yet so prog! and Marjana Semkina and Gleb Kolyadin are perfect


Homunculus Res Limiti all'eguaglianza della Parte con il Tutto - perhaps the best Canterbury album, ever.


Faun Eden - Prog Pagan music? It must be heard to be believed.


Bent Knee Shiny Eyed Babies - One of the most devastatingly powerful albums ever assembled.


Cicada Light Shining Through The Sea - Neoclassical Post Rock from Taiwan. Gorgeous!


The Amazing Gentle Stream - a collection of some of the most psychedelic folk-tinged beautiful jam songs ever made

Five-Storey Ensemble Not This City - classically oriented avant prog from Belarus


Edison's Children The Final Breath Before November - containing one of the best prog epics EVER

Ga'an Ga'an - Zeuhl with melody—from America!


The Danish Girl Original Sountrack Music - Alexandre Desplat - the most beautiful soundtrack of the Teens

Violeta di Outono Espectro - the reincarnation of Khan?


Votum Harvest Moon - the most perfect blend of djenty metal and ambient music 


Anathema Falling Deeper - the artistic and orchestrated remaking of old songs

Humana Prog Fiori, frutti, farfalle - one of the best prog epics of the decade

The Gabriel Construct Interior City - a complex, sophisticated spiritual journey

Axon-Neuron Metamorphosis - an amazing blend of orchestral, jazz and prog


Midlake Antiphon - gorgeous Prog Folk

Setna Guérison - when Zeuhl goes Canterbury?

L’Estate di San Martino Talsette di Marsantino - stunningly gorgeous instrumentals


Aalto Ikaro - world music and prog folk blend

Vaneta Antimemory - so difficult to categorize and yet so nostalgic


ZA! Lolosimo - Prog Hip hop?


Lagartija Particelle

Unaka Prong Margot - Prog Blues!

Tree Tops Ghosts Don’t Dance in Shoes - Amazing twin guitars and Donald Fagen voice, lyrics


sleepmakeswaves …and so we destroyed everything… one of the best Post Rock albums


Airbag The Greatest Show on Earth - the reincarnation of Pink Floyd


Methexis Suiciety

Kotebel Concerto for Piano and Electric Ensemble


This Clear Divide Stare at The Clouds

The Psychedelic Ensemble The Dream of The Magic Jongleur


Kant Freud Kafka No tengas miedo

Domina Catrina Lee Songs from the Breastbone Drum - a self-produced masterpiece in the Pat Metheny vein

Battlestations The Extent of Damage - amazing Post Rock that tells a story


Antoine Fafard Ad Perpetuumm - THE BEST Jazz Fusion album of the decade (I challenge you:  Find me one better) and one of the best drumming albums of all-time (Vinnie Coluaita). 


North Sea Radio Orchestra I a Moon - quirky Prog Folk that must be heard

Swans The Seer - searing, gut-wrenching epics

Syd Arthur Sound Mirrors - such smooth, sophisticated song-writing á la a Canterbury Paul Weller

Vola Inmazes - the shape of things to come?

Monobody Monobody - another totally unexpected Post Rock masterpiece--with a jazz bent!

Alio Die & Lorenzo Montanà Holographic Codex - the best album from the dude who leads the way in 21st Century Prog Electronica


Battlestations Vixit

Weserbergland Sehr Kosmish Ganz Progisch

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