Saturday, August 24, 2013

8 Months Through 2013

If 2013 were to end right now and the 60-some albums I've heard so far were all I were to hear, my Top Ten Albums of The Year would be:

1. FIVE-STOREY ENSEMBLE (Belarus) - Not That City
2. THE GABRIEL CONSTRUCT (United States) - Interior City
3. VOTUM (Poland) - Harvest Moon
4. STEVEN WILSON (United Kingdom) - The Raven That Refused to Sing (and Other Stories)
5. NOT A GOOD SIGN (Italy) - Not A Good Sign
6. UNREAL CITY (Italy) - La crudeltà di Aprile
7. DAYS BETWEEN STATIONS (United States) - In Extremis
8. INGRANAGGI DELLA VALLE (Italy) - In hoc signo
9. FLICKER (United Kingdom) - How Much Are You Willing to Forget?
10. (tie) SCARLET STORIES (The Netherlands) - Scarlet Stories
             VIENNA CIRCLE (United States) - Silhouette Moon

I know that the last four months of the year are the time in which many review-conscious, end-of-year-list-conscious bands release their albums, which means there is A LOT of music left to be heard from this year, but, thus far it is my opinion that 2013 has been a VERY GOOD year for progressive rock--maybe even better than 2011! Let's wait and see! Can't wait for the fall releases!

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